Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Basketball Season!

The Washington Redskins just spent the first 6 games of the 2009 NFL season playing 6 teams who did not have a win coming into the game. Monday night will be the first game the Skins have played against a team with more than a zero in the win column (The Eagles at 3-2). If I was told before the season that the Skins would be playing this schedule and wouldn't face a team with a win until Week 7, I would have thought we would be 3-3 at the worst and probably 4-2 or 5-1.

Reality has set in and the Skins sit at 2-4 on the heels of a vomit-inducing snooze-fest against the Chiefs. I've already ranted about Dan Snyder and the travesty that is my hometown football franchise. Jim Zorn will be fired after the Monday night game and we'll get a completely new coach and personnel core over the off-season. Nothing will change until Snyder steps down or sells the team though. I'm tired of discussing this so I'll leave it at that.

Football season is over earlier than usual and in a week from today, basketball season will be upon us. A hometown franchise with a history of bad luck and injury issues looks to rebound from a dreadful season in '08-'09 (wait, another BAD DC sports season?). The Washington Wizards now have a proven dynamic coach in Flip Saunders, a cast of new additions led by Mike Miller and Randy Foye and a supposedly healthy Gilbert Arenas. Hope is back in the Verizon Center as this team really does have a good chance of making the playoffs if the injury bug can be dodged. I'm excited about the depth the Wizards have this year and think Saunders will be able to cycle quality talent on and off the court leaving everyone on the roster fresher and more resilient to avoid injury issues.

As the Capitals have started slow in the NHL, Washington D.C. is in dire need of some good sports vibes. I'm looking forward to attending a few games over the season, piggybacking on some of my brother's excellent season ticket seats. Here's hoping that the Wizards can bring some positive buzz to the Nation's Capital. With the way the Redskins have crapped all over their fan base, a DC sports healing process is in order.

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Anonymous said...

Let's go Wiz! Caps aren't off to too slow of s start. They have 10 points after 8 games, which would translate to 103 points on the season. That was good enough for 6th in the NHL last season and 3rd in the East. While they don't look spectacular, they are doing ok.