Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oscar's Odd Couple

As if 10 Best Picture nominees wasn't enough, the 2010 Oscars just got even weirder. The producers of the Academy Awards telecast have been frantically searching for a host to fill in for Hugh Jackman. Jackman did a good job on last year's show but declined the invite to return as host. Yesterday, news broke that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin have been picked to co-host the event.

I assume this pairing was made due to both actors' association with Saturday Night Live (Martin and Baldwin have hosted the show individually a record 15 and 14 times respectively). Although going with co-hosts is a risky idea (the last time it was attempted was in 1987 with Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn and Paul Hogan - yes, Crocodile Dundee himself), I think it could work. I'm a bit curious about the Baldwin decision though. Martin has hosted the Oscars twice before on his own and I think he was a solid host both times. I'm not sure why the Academy didn't want to go with solo Steve.

Baldwin is definitely a funny guy and will probably fill the role well but is he really a movie star these days? Baldwin's best work in his long career in Hollywood has come in the last 10 years on TV. Between 30 Rock and his SNL stints, he's resurrected a fading career by coming one of the best television comedic actors working today. I could see Baldwin as host of the Emmys but something doesn't fit with him and the Oscars.

It's possible that the Academy wanted two hosts because of the expanded Best Picture format change. Martin and Baldwin could split up the duties of announcing the 10 nominees. All in all I think the Academy could have done worse with their selection. Isn't it time for Billy Crystal to make a return appearance? As long as Whoopi isn't hosting I'm OK with it.


T. said...

I'm fine with Alec Baldwin, but I really can't stand Steve Martin. Ugh. It will be an interesting Oscars this year, I guess.

Jordan said...

really? I didn't think anyone hated Martin. He's consistently funny.

hross said...

I think the reason why these two were chosen is the upcoming movie "It's Complicated".