Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rebecca at Work

We had our health insurance benefits meeting at work today. (Damn Cigna and their rate hikes!) Lori wanted to go to the meeting first-hand so she came to the office and I watched Rebecca for an hour during the meeting. Unfortunately the office was pretty bare and I could not show her off to all my co-workers. She was a total angel though and smiled and laughed and had a great time hanging out in my office (pictures of which appear in this post). In the midst of her overall joyful nature, she started into her yelling and squealing spells forcing me to close the door so others could get work done. She never cried or whimpered once and has cemented the status of most well behaved Rose baby.

I'm continually amazed at how calm and good natured she is. She takes after her dad:)

And in case you missed it on Facebook (seriously... everyone should be on Facebook and this includes YOU, Geciks!)... Here's Rebecca's first experience with food from last night:

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Super cute!