Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Text to Speech - Fun With Audio

Google's latest innovation (you can't help but love a company that seems to put out new services and features on a near-daily basis for FREE) is the text to speech component of Google Translate. The translate service has been around for a while and lets you quickly translate entire web pages between a number of languages. The new speech component is pretty cool in that it allows you to send a query directly to Google which will return a customized MP3 file that plays what you typed.

Of course when I first came across this and noticed the charming British voice that speaks your text, I immediately thought of throwing a few swear words in there to see what she did. The Google speech dame does not filter her voice and you get EXACTLY what you type. You can now send customized greetings directly to your friends using the query method. I put together a quick and dirty form that allows you to type in a name and hurl a random insult at the person. This only works in Google Chrome (seriously, if you're using any other browser you're just daft). See if you can hear all 8 random insults:

Type your full name here:

Warning, some of these clips are NSFW..

For more translation services (or to mess around with audio), visit Google's Translate page (if you choose English to English translation, you'll be able to click on the audio version below for small sentences).

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Jordan said...

Oops, she's not British. Just thought she was initially.