Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Wackiness - Jib Jab Style

Lori posted a very funny/cute video on Facebook yesterday of the kids dancing like elves (click here to watch it). The folks at Jib Jab have put together a very intuitive and dynamic way to embed photos into their crazy talking-head videos. The Flash-based system allows you to upload images or link to Facebook photos to paste your family and friends' heads into a pre-made video skit. I've seen these types of integrated Flash photo apps before but this is probably the most well developed one I've come across.

I decided to make my own using the Snow Fight video template. After fiddling with the heads a bit I think it came out pretty good (except for Rebecca's giant head). Enjoy my quick and dirty production below. My sister-in-law's boyfriend Ross makes a guest appearance here, teaming up with Alex.

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