Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go Fly a Kite!

So the boys got two kites as presents from Lori's boss (partnered with a gift for Rebecca).  On a very windy Saturday, Bob (father-in-law) and I took the boys out to the park to test drive the kites.  Josh was a natural at kite flying and really took control of his kite.  Alex was a little aprehensive and just sort of ran around on the field.  I ended up flying his kite for the most part and believe it or not, I had a great time.  I haven't flown a kite in years and it was slightly relaxing.  Josh and I tried to not cross the strings while keeping both kites aloft.  We had a few tangles and ensuing crashes but overall it was a successful adventure.  

We had to pack it in once a vicious storm rolled in but we had enough flight time under our belts for one day.   Before the kite action I went out to Top Golf as Doe treated me to lunch and drinks for my birthday.  I really found my swing towards the end and set a record score in Top Golf (using Doe's chip-encoded balls unfortunately).  I'm thinking of getting back into the weekly Top Golf league in June.  Now it's off to dinner and perhaps some drinks and cigars with Bob out on the back deck.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ketchup Boy

Banana Man's alternate identity.

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A Relaxing Birthday

It's May 14, 2009 (or 2 days AR - after Rebecca) and our cute new addition is doing great.  She went to her doctor's appointment today and got the standard foot prick test.  I'm not quite sure why they have to completely stain 5 circles on a test sheet in blood, but it seemed to take forever and Rebecca was not thrilled.  It was the most I'd heard her cry since she's been born.  She really seems to be a mild mannered little girl thus far.  She rarely fusses and spends about 95% of the day sleeping and making little squeaky noises.  (Ignore the nasty crusty umbilical cord remnant in the picture as it should fall off in a few days)

As a sharp contrast to my last birthday in which I spent it across the country in Seattle working on the Safeco website, this birthday is more relaxing and enjoyable as I get to take the day off and spend it at home with Lori and Rebecca.  I took a short break to play 9 holes at a nearby course (very windy but overall a solid round) as Mom and daughter slept.  Now I'm planning on resting a bit with Little Miss Sleeps-a-Lot and then going and getting the kids from daycare.  Tonight we'll probably head out for our first 5-person family dinner at Mike's Great American restaurant.  After getting back and putting the kids to bed I'll need to straighten up the joint, watch some birthday Survivor and get ready for Lori's parents to arrive late-night tonight.  The Gecik cavalry will arrive bearing food and assistance around the house.  They are always very welcome guests but especially more so during the time after a birth.  I'm sure Nonna is very eager to see her first granddaughter.

Since the Geciks will be in town for at least a week, I'll get back to normal workday life tomorrow and all next week.  It was nice to enjoy a few days off and I really feel fortunate to have a healthy and happy family (well mostly happy as Alex is increasingly protesting his trips to daycare each day).  Thanks to all for the birthday wishes today.  It seems that birthdays become more important/celebrated in the Facebook/Twitter age.  And remember, 34 is the new 24.  Believethat!

Banana Man

Yes, this weird little creature is most definitely my son.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Door-to-Door Baby Delivery

Time for a quick synopsis of how the birth went down last night.  With Josh we ended up having the baby at Sibley Hospital, JUST getting there in time for delivery (thanks to a harrowing drive up the shoulder of 395 in traffic).  Alex was born at Birthcare in Alexandria as we decided to use a midwife group for a more natural birth experience.  Lori delivered Alex in one of the rooms at Birthcare (very plush rooms that resemble a hotel room).  It felt like we were having the baby at home.  This time we took the next step and worked with Birthcare again in a planned home birth.

Lori texted me early in the AM yesterday to change the baby threat level from yellow to orange.  I immediately notified my client that I may need to leave early.  Later in the day Lori emailed me and told me to leave an hour early.  When I got home she was already having low to medium strength contractions every 5 minutes or so.  I took the kids (who were taking things well and thought Mommy just wasn't feeling well) and we had some makeshift dinner and then played the Wii a bit while Lori tried to rest upstairs.  

Around 6:30 I called both the midwife and the doula (a doula is a birth coach who assists in the birthing process) and they headed out from their respective homes.  Regina, the midwife on call, arrived about 20 minutes later.  She went up to assist Lori while I kept the kids occupied.  I then proceeded with the nightly routine of milk, bathtime and storytime for Josh and Alex.  Kelly (our doula who helped deliver the two boys) showed up around 7:30 and went upstairs to assist as well.   After I put the kids down (with several repeat visits to scold Alex into staying in his bed), Kelly, Regina and I were ready to help Lori through labor.

I won't get into all the details of labor itself.  I'll just state that my wife is the strongest woman I know and was able to power through seriously painful contractions without any drugs at all.  She has now delivered three babies completely naturally and I am immensely proud of her will and commitment in what are her three greatest achievements in life.  As with Alex's birth, I kept my focus on Lori's head throughout the final stages of labor (I cannot bear to watch what was going on down south as I probably would have fainted).  When Rebecca came out I immediately looked to the cable box which keeps official time and noted 9:18 as the time of birth.  Kelly and Regina claim the actual time was 9:19 so I differ to the professionals.  

One of the advantages of home birth was delivering in our bedroom (Kelly and Regina made sure to cover everything with surgical pads to contain the ensuing mess).  About 10-15 minutes after delivery, we turned on the Capitals/Penguins game to watch a 4-4 tie going into overtime.  The Caps won and put a capper on a fantastic night (Kelly is a big Caps fan and was excited as well).  We then stayed in bed, ordered pizza and watched 24 on DVR late into the night.  Going to bed around 3:00 AM we only had a few hours of sleep before the kids got up.

Josh and Alex are both fascinated with Rebecca.  Josh keeps saying "awww she's so cute" and they both wore their "Big Brother" shirts to school today.  Right now I am blogging and Mom and baby are sleeping.  I plan on doing the grocery shopping today for a change and may go back to work for a little bit tomorrow when Grandma and Grandpa come over for their weekly visit with the boys.  I took a great video of Josh and Alex's first reaction to meeting Rebecca.  I will try to post it over the next few days.

I fully recommend a home birth to anyone interested.  I wasn't sure how it would all work out if the midwives brought their equipment to our house but it couldn't have gone more smoothly.  It was so nice not having to get in the car at all and wonderful to be able to relax in our own bed afterwards.  Also, the timing was picture perfect as Josh and Alex slept through the whole delivery and awoke to a new baby sister.  We were hoping for a night-time delivery so we didn't have to call someone to pickup the kids and we completely lucked out.  Rebecca really came at the perfect time.

Thanks to all for the warm wishes and congratulations.  I am thrilled to have a little girl in our family.

Idol Battle Royale

What... did you think I would miss my Idol preview post just because we had a third baby last night?  Bitch please.....  If Stacey can post the night of HER delivery, I can certainly post the day after considering Lori did all the work last night.  Anyways, we're down to F3 on Idol and I really expect a no-holds-barred showdown in Hollywood tonight.  

The three best singers remain and the format tonight is two songs for each singer.  One song is judge's choice and the other is singer's choice.  Should make for an interesting battle and creativity should reign.  With another wide open format I'm totally not picking songs for each contestant.  I guess after Final Five it really becomes a moot point to guess the songs.  I think Kris is in trouble this week and needs to dominate Danny in order to go up against Adam in the finals.  Only a gay backlash could knock Adam out this week.  

With so many options on the table for these three, I actually expect Adam and Kris to perform better than Danny.  These two have upped the bar in terms of originality throughout Season 8.  They are willing to take risks with songs and totally change the arrangement.  At least one of the two songs from Adam and Kris will be completely re-done while I expect Danny to do what he's been doing and deliver two copycat performances.  Last week's "Dream On" rendition was pathetic.  He just tried to be Stephen Tyler with a voice that doesn't have nearly the range of Tyler's.  

Regardless of the song choices and how they perform, I expect Danny to cruise on into the finals due to his popularity advantage over Kris.  Please Idol, stop at 9:00!  I don't want my season finale of Fringe (with Leonard Nimoy) to be pushed back.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rebecca Rose is HERE

Born at 9:18 PM in a very successful home birth while the kids slept.  Everyone is doing great.  And she came out in time to see the Caps win in overtime to force a Game 7!

Early pictures are included... a more robust post will come tomorrow recapping the night.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Solid Mother's Day (except for one "small" thing)

I think Lori had a good Mother's Day overall today as the Rose boys (all three of us) tried to be on our best behavior.  I woke up, took the kids and made pancakes for the family (I'm actually getting pretty good at making pancakes, thus providing 1% of the culinary expertise in the household).  While Lori went to the gym (still working it with less than a week until the due date), I took the boys to Josh's tee ball class.  He started using a glove for the first time and we'll have to go buy him his own glove soon enough.  I was worried about Alex wanting to play with "the guys" but he was fascinated by grass and spent the whole practice picking "plants" and giving them to me.

That was the end of Alex being good for the rest of the day.  When we got home, he was iffy with his lunch and both of the boys took a terrible nap which consisted of several false starts and Lori playing nap cop.  Unfortunately during this tirade I had to go to the gym and could not be the assistant sleep officer.  Once I returned, Alex was getting up from his nap and was a complete wreck.  He cried through his snack and then proceeded to whine for about 15 minutes straight.  The highlight of his tantrum was picking up the step stool and slamming in to the ground over and over.  Each slam brought about a stare right at Lori and I as if we should be afraid of him.  He doesn't realize that his three-foot-nothing frame is not very imposing.

After calming him down, we all went for a walk to the playground (the weather was absolutely perfect in the DC metro area today).  Alex cried through much of the walking but was OK once he and Josh started messing around on the slides.  Again I was reminded about how much I wish we had a backyard and a swing set.  This will be a requirement at the next house (along with a basement bar).  The day ended with a quality meal from Chopstix Express (wasn't about to let Lori cook today).  All in all it was a pretty solid Mother's Day even if Alex decided to make it all about him and his emotional issues.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, especially the one who's about to triple her Mother status.  When that event occurs is anyone's guess, but I'm putting my money on May 14th (my birthday) which also serves as the official due date.  What I am really dreading is the reaction of one emotionally unstable two-year-old when Mom has to be occupied with the new addition.  It may make Alex's mood today seem sunny in comparison.

PS:  Don't ask me if the baby has been born.  When the event occurs, you will find out via Facebook, Twitter, this blog, email and possibly telegraph.  The name will be revealed at birth, but if anyone wants to place their bets in the comments section, feel free.