Friday, January 8, 2010

Know Your States

Alex seems to be the quintessential patriotic child. He loves the ol' Stars n' Stripes (get ready for an American Flag themed birthday party in February!?!) and was obsessed with flags in his early 2's. And now he has developed a major interest in the learning the states that make up the USA. He started reading a 50-states book with tabs you can lift up to see the states and now he's obsessed with a magnetic states map he got for Christmas. He can't read but he seems to now know a little more than half of all the states from memory. The video below is evidence enough. I even think he's learned more states than Josh has at this point.

I suppose once he learns all 50 it'll be time for him to learn capitals, or maybe we get him a globe.

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Shira said...

That is awesome! Very impressive.