Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol: Handicapping the Men

Last night's Idol was a little painful to watch. So many bad performances and to be honest I think the talent pool this season is down significantly from last year. Hopefully these contestants will improve but for my money it may end up being Bowersox vs everyone else. I think Crystal is the best talent overall but I'm going to give my own odds on the men regardless.

Andrew Garcia - 4-1

Andrew tried to switch up "Sugar We're Going Down" by Fallout Boy similar to the way he flipped the script on Paula Abdul's Straight Up during Hollywood week. It didn't work out so well (the song is much better played fast) but at least I got to finally understand all the lyrics of the song. Garcia is a talent though and he seems to be pretty popular with the audience. Despite the performance he's still the male front-runner.

Casey James - 5-1

We all know Kara and all the tweenage girls love this guy. He may turn into the Matthew Mcconaughey of this season, but in addition to his looks, the guy can sing. I thought his rendition of Heaven was very good and I can see him making the final four this season.

Tyler Grady - 6-1

I like this guy (despite his freaky Spongebob Squarechin) and he's probably my dark horse favorite of the men. Sure he's stuck in a 70's time warp but he's a great performer and has a good powerful voice. The song choice was a little wrong here as American Woman only added to his hippie stereotype. I'd like to see him try something different but I can totally see him as the front man for Wolfmother or another retro band.

Jermaine Sellers - 9-1

I heard that this guy was already on some BET singing show so I think he may have a leg up on the competition as a performer. He was so-so last night but that was mostly because of his terrible song choice. When Michael Jackson week comes around (and you know it will because the King Of Pop's recent death) again, Jermaine is going to own that show.

Lee Dewyze - 9-1

It was interesting to see most of the judges club this guy's performance last night only to have Simon come to the rescue saying it was the best of the evening. I agreed with Simon (shocker) and did enjoy his Snow Patrol rendition. He has a chance to do well but overall he doesn't seem to have much personality or showmanship. If he improves his stage presence, he could be a real factor. (Plus he's 2nd behind Bowersox for weirdest last name)

Aaron Kelly - 10-1

Totally reminds me of David Archuletta in a way. Very humble, young and sings with a power you wouldn't expect from his short stature. Wasn't wild about the song choice last night but he does have some potential to get far in this contest.

Michael Lynche - 12-1

First of all, I hate Maroon 5. Second of all, I actually hated Michael's performance of "This Love" even more. Using a guitar for a prop (and not really playing it), he just waddled back and forth with a sub-par singing voice. Now I do like his back story of becoming a dad while at Hollywood Week and he seems to be a nice guy, but he just doesn't belong in this competition. He might get far because people like him though (especially his dog Randy).

Joe Munoz - 15 - 1

Joe makes me think back to that weird/terrible Jorge guy from last season. He sings better than Jorge though and could go a little further in this thing. I didn't know the song he was singing but if rocked a little Enrigue Inglesias ("you can ruuuuuuu-AH-hun!"), he might do very well.

Todrick Hall 30 - 1

This dude is a dancer more than a singer and he proved exactly that during his performance. So-so voice but great stage presence. I do like that he took a big risk trying to switch up "Since U Been Gone" but it didn't work out so well. He should be safe this week though.

Alex Lambert 40 - 1

Adam's little brother (not really related) seemed to be nervous last night. His Jason Mraz song (an artist I totally hate by the way) was not that bad but the judges seemed to think he needs to get past his nerves to be any sort of a factor. I don't have high hopes for him. I actually think he's one of the two gone tonight.

Tim Urban 50 - 1

Well I've never heard "Apologize" get butchered as bad as Urban killed it last night. It's a great song and Kris Allen did an awesome cover last season but Timmy was just out of his league attempting those high notes. I actually had to shield my ears a little because it was so god awful. Urban is another ladies magnet and may actually survive the vote based on that. He won't get much further though unless he chooses songs with notes he can hit.

John Park 80 - 1

BOOOOORRRRR-ING. This guy is finished. Completely lifeless, singing a throw-away song I had never heard before. No originality and his singing voice just isn't that impressive. Pretty sure he's going home tonight.

And there you have it. Nate will be glad to know that I won't post about Idol again until the top 12 is established. At that point I will re-jigger my odds and we'll have a better idea of who really has a chance to win this thing. Until then, if you want some quality weekly recaps please go and visit the expert (Stacey) at her blog.


Unknown said...

Tyler Grady in your top 3?!? I agree with your 1 and 2 but Tyler was a train wreck. I don't think he'll make it through tonight and Tim Urban will stay another week.

T. said...

Omg, last night was so painful. Honestly, I'd only put yourtop 2 through to the top 12. Very thankful for that fast forward button.

Jordan said...

No way. Tyler is safe for sure. I'd bet money on that.

Lynn said...

I think you've got the girls about right, nut Tyler Grady at #3? I like Aaron and Joe better than him. And I say keep up the Idol posts. Nate doesn't have to read them.

Anonymous said...

Mom, you watch American Idol too? I have to be adopted. Right?

Jordan said...

No, you just show your gene by watching Project Runway.