Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ice Cream Cake Pwns Regular Cake

So I haven't posted in a while, probably because I am concentrating on Syracuse March Madness (we're playing our regional semifinal game tonight). Thought I would throw up a quick thought I had recently. I've come to a conclusion that I really am just not wild about cake.

As far as desserts go, cake is probably a number 5 or 6 seed for me. When someone has a birthday (usually thinking about my kids' birthdays) and it's time to eat cake, we all get our own piece and sure the icing is exciting and sweet, but usually the cake itself is kinda blah. Yeah it's moist and spongy and all but it's also boring. Maybe it's just the texture or something, but I don't really get all excited about eating cake.

That being said, I do find myself an ice cream cake aficionado. It looks like cake, has some icing like cake but inside is some damn tasty frozen creamy goodness. Sure, you're basically eating ice cream at this point, but there's something about consuming ice cream that looks like cake that makes it taste better than regular ice cream. To be honest, I get more excited to devour a nice big piece of ice cream cake than I do when I'm about to eat a cup of Ben & Jerry's.

Maybe I'm just weird and strange in this assessment, but for me, a birthday or event is taken to that next level when someone busts out Fudgy the Whale or other type of ice cream cake. I know the foodies that read this (i.e. my Dad) will probably defend traditional cake as it's more of a gourmet experience. I say tradition be-damned!


Grandpa Rose said...

Hey, guess what -- your Dad is no big fan of cake either -- much prefering ice cream cake to regular cake. Maybe it's hereditary. Actually, pies/tarts trump cakes -- even ice cream cakes.

Lynn said...

I agree with both of you. Definitely prefer pies and tarts to cake and like ice cream cake more than cake. (Possible exception ... Ginny Bishop cake.)

Anonymous said...

I like cake a lot, so this furthers my suspicions that I am adopted. I used to get psyched to get a piece of carrot cake from Chicken Out back when I lived in Arlington. I mean I like ice cream and ice cream cake too, but I don't see cake as an inferior options as you crazy folk do.