Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eastern Innovation in Transit

NOTE: Credit goes to Rusty Foster for this post as I got this info from reading his Facebook post.

Leave it to the Chinese to step to the forefront of transit technology. The video below illustrates a concept of having a top detachable car that allows train passengers to board and depart a train without slowing up the trip for everyone else.

Passengers who want to leave the train walk up to the top car a few minutes before the train is nearing its stop. The top compartment detaches from the train as the train powers through the station, allowing the people who want to get off a few minutes to disembark while the main portion of the train zooms along to the next stop. The next train through will pickup the top car which is now filled with new passengers who want to leave the station.

The whole concept is true genius and I do believe this would end up saving energy and time for the train industry. The only problem is cost. I imagine that retrofitting current trains and train stations to adopt this passenger boarding method would be very pricey. I believe this is only a concept right now but this is just another example of technical innovation from the Far East. If only we could get some of the top American innovators to think outside the box like this.

More info about this new rail travel concept can be found here: http://softhunder.blogspot.com/2010/04/train-that-never-stops-at-station.html

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