Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Josh officially graduated from Kindergarten on Saturday with all the traditions that one would expect from a graduation ceremony (cap and gown, a procession and even post-grad cake). Since I don't remember my own Kindergarten graduation (and haven't been to any other 5-year-old graduation events), I assumed that the dress code was relatively casual. I showed up wearing what I'm wearing in the photo over there and a good number of the other parents were actually dressed up in a shirt and tie. Luckily I stood in the back of the room so I didn't stick out too much.

The whole ceremony was really well done and Josh's teacher Ms. Jackie prepped the kids in advance as they went through a whole set of poems, songs and dances. Josh got to participate in the Spanish portion of the ceremony (see video below). It was nice to see Ms. Jackie's relationships she's made with the kids. One boy in particular (Josh's best friend Bailey) broke down crying several times during the ceremony. Ms. Jackie got emotional at the end as well. You could really tell she loved teaching this class.

The video highlight of the day belonged to Josh's classmate Aveek, a little Indian dude that knows how to get his groove on. See the video below for the evidence. He's not very hard to spot.

Josh will be moving on to first grade in Alexandria in the fall. He's excited to be heading to a new school and I hope he will find things more challenging. I could see him getting bored with some of the homework he had to do in Kindergarten. Josh's reading is really stellar these days. When we play Super Mario Galaxy 2 (outstanding Wii game by the way) together, I have him read the dialog aloud when Mario talks to other characters. He mis-pronounced a word here and there but for the most part he picks up everything well. If only he could teach Alex how to read.

One other side note, we finished up our tee ball season today with a year-end party at a neighborhood swimming pool. It felt good to have coached the team through the whole season and I think everyone (including me) had a lot of fun. After handing out the trophies and souvenir baseballs, the kids gave me a few gifts including a gift card to Glory Days, an Orioles mug and a #1 Coach piggy bank. Even though we were delayed by 45 minutes due to the afternoon storm, the party went off very well and I actually think all players and parents were pleased with this season. I'm thinking of coaching next year after taking the Fall off to think about it.

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