Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Jackass 3D

Really if you've seen one Jackass you've seen them all. Going in you know you're going to see a lot of balls getting hit, a lot of bodily fluids spewing out and a lot of stupid stunts that you'd have to be on drugs to attempt. I've seen the previous editions of the franchise on the big screen and all have definitely entertained me. Jackass 3D falls right in line and extends the stunts to a new dimension with some clever 3D camera work.

The usual suspects are back including a toned-down Steve-O, ringleader Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera. Preston Lacy exposes way too much of his supremely overweight self throughout the movie. His stunts with super glue and hiding apples in bad places make me wish he got paid a greater share over the other "actors" on screen. Several of the stunts take advantage of the 3D cameras (the same ones used by James Cameron in Avatar - believe it or not) and random projectiles can be seen hurtling out of the screen at your face. The 3D is really well done and is not merely a gimmick here.

Some of the stunts do become tired. there's only so many times the audience can laugh hysterically when one of the Jackasses gets racked in the nuts. The final stunt which features a fully loaded port-o-let on a bungee cord is one of the nastiest ever filmed (possibly Steve-O's crowning achievement that will put him in the Jackass hall of fame). I would have enjoyed this more if more of the "actors" had kept their clothes on during the stunts. Some things are not meant to be shown in 3D.

Overall this is exactly what you expected from a 3D Jackass movie. The price tag at the theater for this one was a whopping $15.25 a ticket. I can't believe theaters can get away with charging that much for a 3D movie but I went ahead and paid for it anyways (sucker). I would recommend seeing this in the theater though. This will not play as well at home in 2D. A better-than-average 3.5 out of 5 JRs for Jackass 3D. For some reason I don't think we've seen the end of this franchise. After all, these "actors" don't really have any applicable job skills outside of performing wacky stunts.

*** Bonus props for Beavis and Butthead appearing at the beginning of the movie in a brief introduction skit. I can't wait for their return to MTV!

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