Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oscar, All is Forgiven

Earlier last year I berated the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for increasing the nominations for Best Picture from 5 to 10. After today's reveal of the 2010 nominations, I actually think the switch was worthwhile after all. The main reason for my approval is that District 9 is a Best Picture nominee. In my blog review of D9, I stated that I would stop watching the Oscars if the Academy did not nominate Neill Blomkamp's masterpiece. Thankfully I don't have to follow through on my threat. In addition to Best Picture, D9 is also up for Adapted Screenplay, Film Editing and Visual Effects (a little independent film by James Cameron will make winning this one impossible).

Unfortunately, Sharlto Copely was not nominated for Best Actor (also snubbed was Moon's Sam Rockwell). Another bit of personal good news is that I've already seen 6 of the 10 nominated movies. Each year I make a point of it to take in all 5 (now 10) Best Picture nominees. With four left to go in just over a month, it doesn't seem as daunting a task as I thought it would be when the nominee switch was announced. All I know is that Precious will be the last of the nominees I watch. (Still need to see The Blind Side, A Serious Man and An Education). Of the movies I have seen that are nominated, I have to say that The Hurt Locker is the worst of the bunch. I know that's everyone's underdog favorite to steal gold from Avatar, but I just didn't think it did anything revolutionary that HBO's Generation Kill hadn't already done.

For the full official list of this year's nominees, clicky here. I'll post my picks for the winners in a month.