Monday, May 17, 2010

Rebecca Turns One!

It's hard to believe it's been a year already but my little girl turned 1 on May 11th and we all celebrated with her first birthday party over the weekend (the day after my birthday actually). We got some balloons and Lori's parents made some great food while Lori whipped up a very cool butterfly birthday cake that matched Rebecca's outfit.

We all gathered in the basement (including Gran and Pa who made the trip up from Richmond), had food and watched Rebecca open gifts. The highlight of course was Rebecca's first ever attempt at eating cake. As with the other kids, we decided to introduce cake at the first birthday so it's always been a new experience. Rebecca's attempt (which is documented below via YouTube) was sort of mixed. It started well but after a while she got sick of the cake and wanted no part of it anymore. It was a better attempt than Josh put forth on his first birthday. He decided to chuck his cake out of his high chair almost immediately. I believe Alex did enjoy his cake though, but so far he has been the best eater of the trio by-far.

Overall it was a great celebration for little Becca and now she can fully concentrate on learning to walk. She pulls herself up and stands with assistance very well so I'll give her a month or two before she's completely mobile. Additional pics from the party can be seen below (click on an image to view a larger version). These pics (and video) were taken with my new camera which I got for my birthday (thanks Mom!).