Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quick Review: The Dark Knight Rises - Prologue

Before I saw Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in IMAX yesterday, I was treated to 6 minutes of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.  The entire sequence was shot in IMAX and depicted a spectacular mid-air heist orchestrated by Batman's main nemesis in the film, Bane (played by Inception's Tom Hardy).  We get a close look at Bane and his menacing mask as he meticulously assaults his captors.  I was worried that the departure of Heath Ledger's excellent Joker would leave a major void in Nolan's third Batman film, but after seeing this sneak peek it looks like Hardy is going all out to try to match Ledger's intensity.  Maybe Bane will be a memorable villain after all.  All throughout we get a taste of the amazing musical score put together by Hanz Zimmer.  It's only 6 minutes but it has Nolan's signature style and pacing written all over it.

I am totally geeked out for this movie and am a full believer in Christopher Nolan as the most talented director in Hollywood right now.  I just hope that the influx of Inception repeat actors (Gordon-Levit, Hardy, Michael Caine, Marian Cotillard, etc...) don't distract from an already legendary movie trilogy.  If you have the means to get to an IMAX screen over the holidays I fully recommend taking a closer look at this satisfying taste of The Dark Knight Rises.  June can't come soon enough.

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