Sunday, November 9, 2014

Interstellar Bonus - SPOILERS




OK, you've been sufficiently warned. MATT DAMON is in Interstellar!! He ends up playing one of the 12 astronauts (Dr. Mann) who went on the initial Lazarus mission to explore unknown planets. The crew of the Endurance land on the planet that Dr. Mann has scouted out and wake him from his cryo-sleep.  When Damon is introduced, the whole theater gasped a bit. It's really remarkable that the Interstellar marketing team kept Damon's involvement a secret. The fact that he's such a douchebag in the film is a brilliant stunt casting move.

Other elements I liked about the use of time in the film are the black hole scene towards the end of the film and the scene just after the first planet exploration sequence. When Cooper end up in the black hole we see how he is responsible for all of the unusual "ghost-like" events in the farmhouse at the beginning of the film. I like how his discovery of time manipulation leads to his eventual rescue and the emotional reunion between himself and his elderly daughter (Ellen Burstyn in a quick appearance). After Brand (Hathaway) and Cooper arrive back on the Endurance after spending a couple of hours on the first planet, their other crew member (David Gyasi as Romilly) has aged about 20 years, spending all that time alone. It's remarkable to think of time passing so differently for some people and not others. The passage of time really does end up being the emotional core of Interstellar.

Finally, I wanted to touch on Nolan's great idea of having NASA be a rogue underground agency that continues to explore space outside of the public limelight. It seemed plausible that NASA would continue on without full government funding with people in charge who are passionate about space travel. I'm sure other reviewers will find some elements of the plot a little forced and kind of hokey, but I really did enjoy the entire story of Interstellar and was willing to go along with Nolan 100% on this space adventure.

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