Monday, November 18, 2019

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, 2019 - ★★★½

This is the first J&SB movie where I've officially felt that Jason Mewes is OLD. He looks weathered but still has that same youthful exuberance that make him so much fun to watch. Once again, Jay and Silent Bob race around the country running into the same cast of characters who all look older (especially Joey Lauren Adams). There's not much in the way of plot here but there is a bit more depth to Jay's character now that he has a daughter along for the ride (Kevin Smith's real-life daughter Harley Quinn Smith.... yes. that's her real name). The younger Smith seems like she might have a bright career ahead of her in acting. This was a fun escapist movie to watch and I can't help but think we'll keep getting J&SB films every 5-10 years until Kevin Smith or Jason Mewes die.

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