Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Wonder Woman 1984 - 2020 ★

Hard to believe that a film that was finished filming in late 2018 and had two full years available for post-production after COVID delays looks and flows so poorly. Patty Jenkins should be ashamed for delivering a mess of a script that features so many cheesy cringe-worthy moments. Thankfully Gal Gadot and Chris Pine saved this from being a NO-STAR movie but I found their brief humorous moments few and far between in a sprawling way-too-long film that featured two forgettable villains (Wiig / Pascal). I can suspend disbelief in most comic book movies but when WW moves through the clouds swinging with her lasso attached to bolts of lightning, I'm gonna check-out mentally.

The first film was engaging and featured a good origin story for the character while this film seemed like a forced trip to the 80's to try to force feed some retro-cool. None of it worked. We had a bunch of scenes in my hometown of DC but there were so many inconsistencies, bad acting and inexcusable gaffs like keeping signs for the Silver Line on the DC Metro which only went into operation a couple years ago. The mall fight sequence near the start of the film is a sprawling joke of an action set piece and contained so many cartoony henchmen that I didn't care what happened to anyone involved.

SPOILER ALERT (although I'm probably saving you from the pain of sitting through this mess): The Lindsay Carter reveal in the post credits scene was expected and about as useless as the movie that preceded it. What a pile of crap that DC Comics delivered to us for a Christmas present. Gadot deserves better material and if they're really planning to give us a third WW movie, let's get a better screenwriter in place.

NOTE: I am way behind on several reviews/ratings and still need to see more films before compiling my Top 10 of 2020. I plan on getting to that in February most-likely.